Tesla Shares Up on Pepsi’s Truck Order

tesla shares up

The stocks of the highly influential and technologically advance company recently surged on due to the public announcement of Pepsi Co.’s whopping order and reservation of the newly announced and introduced Tesla’s Semi Truck.

According to recent reports, the beverage company managed to reserve a massive number of the new electric semi-truck from Tesla. The Pepsi brand is most commonly known for some of the beverages or soda they produce that have been a staple in chillers and coolers from around the world, brands which includes; Mountain Dew soda and even the Doritos chips line.

This is great news for Tesla as it received lashes from the previous week due to its recent struggle regarding its financial department; this is especially evident after the company announced their new roadster which was already up for pre-order.

This time, Tesla managed to shake the world of the trucking community as they evidently convince that their electric semi-trucks are looking to be promising. The company’s newly announced semi-trucks are affordable and are equipped with what Tesla has been known for, electric charging capabilities; this helps the truck drivers to lessen the emission problem and also help with fuel prices problems.

As analysts mentioned, the semi-trucks are looking to be the better and affordable version for anyone who wants to enter the electric vehicle market but have the bigger rig as a pre-requisite. The electric semi-trucks are also for consumers who value cargo capacity, but they come at an affordable price.

Reports revealed that the Pepsi Co. was able to preorder a total of 100 of these new semi-trucks, this news eventually led to both of their and Tesla’s shares to rise on significant value just after the news broke. Taking the numbers into consideration, on a recent research, it revealed that North America produces a total of 260,000 Class-8 trucks per year.

Pepsi’s order will add up to the amazing line-up of the company that has already expressed their interests with the new semi-trucks and pushed on to other some for their own company. The list starts with Wal-Mart Stores, fleet operator J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. and a dozen more of food service distribution companies, one of which is Sysco Corp.

According to reports, Pepsi will be utilizing the new semi-trucks in regards to their food and beverage shipments which will be between the manufacturing and the distribution stages. The ordered 100 semi-trucks are going to join the company’s massive fleet of 10,000 big rigs.

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