Amazon’s Apprehends Hiring on Seattle

amazon shares

The tech giant has been recently reported to have cut or have stopped the hiring process in Seattle as the company heeds for better and bigger headquarters and a possible second location. Amazon shares were also bullish on today’s session on the expansion.

Seattle Office Update

The rumors turned to the news have been started by several Seattle employees who told local News Outlets that the company has been seemingly freezing the hiring process since last week and even postponing several of open positions. The report revealed that the company has also been reorganizing their workforce and staff as an attempt to improve and maximize their efficiency.

Amazon has been big on recruiting and hiring workers since the start of this year; according to reports, the company currently holds a massive 3,500 open position as of today as opposed to the 9,000 open positions the company reported last June.

Furthermore, at the end of the day, Amazon managed to hitch an increase in their shares with a total of 0.45% on the expansion news.

Analysts on Amazon’s Performance

Recently, analysts have been pushing forward the company’s performance as they continue to dominate the market and continue to hold a marvelous place in the market with innovative technologies and design that both helps the public with their online shopping experience.

The company’s Amazon Dot, Echo, and other similar products also managed to boost the company’s profitability and even opening a whole new smart home movement for modern day households which focuses on technological advancements through smartphone controls.

Mark Cuban’s thought on Amazon

Looking at billionaire investor and the current Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban, he recently announced on an interview earlier this year that he recently increased his holdings in Amazon, making the online shopping company his largest position.

According to Cuban, he saw two niches or advantages that Amazon has this year and these are; the first one would be the tremendous opportunity and the mass options that the proposed Artificial Intelligence or AI and the fact that the company understands and foresee their clients and customers’ need, which includes services they will eventually need.

Cuban mentioned that, “The ultimate AI company, it’s the ultimate start-up,” and added, “When Amazon talks about opening up grocery stores, it’s not because they want to sell groceries in stores. It’s the same with bookstores. It’s because they want to know what you need, when you need it, before you know you need it so they can deliver it right to your door in anticipation.”

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