Apple Expands In China With Data Center Plans


Apple Inc has recently announced that it will be building its very first data center in China that will support its iCloud services for its customers and users in the country. The plan to build its first China data center is also in compliance with a new law in the country that requires companies to store the data from their users in the country.

The company who will be building the data center in Guizhou is also part of Apple’s plan to invest around $1 billion in the province which is located at the southwest part of China will also be built and operated with a local data management company according to Apple.

The government of Guizhou has been promoting the province as China’s data center capital in hopes of bringing more companies to invest in the region and bring more jobs. This will allow Apple to work directly with the Chinese government. Like Tesla, China is also the company’s second-largest market all over the world despite the high amount of competition from local and other Asian brands.

Apple has also recently announced its plans to build a data center in Denmark in an investment worth $921 million. The Denmark data center will completely run on renewable energy due to the abundance of wind and biomass energy in the country. Other tech companies have also been planning to build data centers in Denmark. This will be Apple’s second data center in the country with one built in Viborg and is set to begin operations before the end of the year.

The data center will allow Apple to gain bigger control over the data of its Chinese users. These include data such as messages, applications, photos, videos and documents among others that are being uploaded in Apple’s iCloud services or through the user’s iCloud accounts in China. This will mean that backup files and other information kept in iCloud accounts will be stored in China while information from customers outside China will be kept in the U.S. and Denmark after beginning its operations.

The data center would also give the government an access to the technology of foreign companies which has never been done before. This would automatically mean that Apple would have to store information inside the country which will require the help of cloud computing providers locally that can be catered with servers in the area. Despite security concerns, Apple has assured that it would be having strong data privacy and protections in place.

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